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Auckland & Waiheke Island Team Building
Great companies know that regular team building challenges can make a positive difference to the culture of the business and even help the bottom line.

All our activities are designed to activate your staff, help them re-energise, re-focus and learn something new about themselves.

Most of our activities are mobile and can be delivered in Auckland at our partner venues; in parks at beaches and open spaces or even at your office.

We partner with amazing venues and operators to bring you complete away day packages, all organised on your behalf, from start to finish, by some of New Zealand's best Facilitators.

Our team building activities fall into four categories:

Connecting Your People

These challenges and activities are designed to get your teams working together to solve problems. They are multi-dimensional challenges, normally against the clock which require team work, communication and a positive attitude.

Croquembouche Challenge
croquembouche challenge image
The pastry chef has called in sick just as the kitchen are preparing for your event. There’s only one thing for it - give your teams the ingredients and get them to build their very own Croquembouche dessert!...
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Nostalgia Games
Giant Kerplunk
Let's take your team back to the old school yard with this hillarious range of Nostalgia Games. Includes Bull Rush (walking or running, according to group's ages and abilities), elastics, giant kerplunk, skipping and lots more...
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Long Line Fishing Challenge
fishing challenge
A great range of challenges for fishing fiends or complete beginners. Challenge your staff, your mates or your corporate competitors to a fish-off where teams win points for the biggest fish, the biggest catch...
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QuizziDo Challenge
quizzi go app challenge
A brand new challenge combining quiz rounds, mini challenges and pit stops around the grounds, park or beach. It's like the amazing race for teams of 7 or 8 people with lots of fun, communication, trivia and team work...
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Fling It Darling!
A veritable variety of all manner of things to fling, throw and catch in a competitive team round robin activity.

Includes a range of fun challenges for all types of people...
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Waiheke Cycling Challenge
waiheke cycling challenge
With beautiful scenery, undulating terrain and a relaxing lunch or dinner at a stunning location to look forward to at the end of your challenge, this is the perfect activity for a spring or summer's day...
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Auckland Cycling Challenge
auckland cycling challenge
With the virtually flat cycle ways that stretch for miles along the Auckland waterfront, you don’t have to be a Tour de France pro to complete this one! A fun, outdoor cycling challenge for all. We provide you with the bike, the map, the clues and the prizes...
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The Lemon Challenge
lemon challenge
The best ever finger licking chocolate challenge!

Create a lemon from chocolate spheres and tangy mousse filling while also creating edible decorations
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One Minute of Fame
one minute of fame activity
Your team has 30 mins with a professional choreographer to learn the moves of a famous dance track. Then it’s into costumes and back on stage for a one take only video recording of the performance...
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Human Hungry Hippos
Blow away the cobwebs with an all out fun activity held in a gym near you.

Combine with our giant ball games to let off steam in competitive social teams
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Top Team Challenge
rugby punting top team challenge
Who's your top team? Let's find out with this multi activity round robin challenge including at least 6 stations and customisable to your company and your people.
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Blowing Away Cobwebs

This is a range of outdoor activities suitable for people of all ages and abilities where the team accomplish a challenge together in an inspiring environment. The emphasis is on getting out of the office or conference space to spend quality time together and getting to know each other better.

Pocket Shot
pocket shot
Sling shot meets archery in this new target shooting activity. There are target bags, tin cans and paintball sketches to decorate, all in the setting of private vineyards and estates.
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Beach Activities Day
raft building challenge
A multi activity day out at the beach with as many beach challenges as you like.
Finish your day with lunch or dinner and drinks at a vineyard/restaurant before heading back to Auckland ...
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SUP Paddle Boarding
paddle boarding
A fun activity for all types of people. Paddle boarding is technically easy to master and achievable for most people of varying ages and abilities. The activity can be tailored to your group's needs and abilities.
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Off The Beaten Wine Trail
An inspiring wine tasting bush walking, SUP and lunch/dinner experience to see the sights of Waiheke that you wouldn't necessarily find in the travel brochures. Based on our in depth knowledge and experience of what makes Waiheke great.
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Up Rangitoto Challenge
up rangitoto challenge
Only 25 minutes by ferry from downtown Auckland, this is an opportunity to appreciate what unique and beautiful places we have in the Auckland region as the challenge takes you onto Auckland’s youngest volcano.
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Letting Your Hair Down

A range of fun team activities to generate laughter and new connections outside of the office in a relaxed environment. These activities work well as an ice breaker to a team or company get together and combine well with a lunch or dinner.

Blind Taste Test
wine tasting pic
A taste challenge with a Let Me Out twist!. Yes there's wine, yes there's beer but there are also sweet hand crafted treats that will test your tastebuds and leave your mouth watering...
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Cheers Cocktail Challenge
cocktail making
A tasty treat to kick start a function, event or evening out with your group!

This cocktail challenge includes sampling a speciality cocktail drink, creating your own and even juggling!
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The Crafty Shooter
Craft Beer Tour
A craft beer tour, tasting and pocket shot activity day at Waiheke Island’s best venues. Finish the day in style with lunch or dinner at the highest vineyard on the island.
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The Croquet Class
The Croquet Class
Ladies and gentlemen, don your whites and your sun hats and lets head out for a charming croquet class. Not quite as dainty as it may seem, those mallets can whack a wooden ball with quite some force!...
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The Ultimate Garden Games
The Ultimate Garden Games
An array of new and old garden games to entertain, create fun interaction between people and a lazy day casual feel or competitive challenge…
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Human Hangman Quiz
Human Hangman Quiz
Who's the brightest in the bunch? A classic quiz with a Hangman themed twist. Perfect entertainment for winter. Bring your people together and celebrate your successes…
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Upping Your Game

Take team building to a new level with our development programs. Our team of trainers have over 40 years experience in developing teams to think and work differently together to improve team work and customer service. If it’s time for change in your business, get in touch.

Game Changer
Game Changer
Team Development Program to take your team work to the next level. 2 days of interactive challenges and learning to make a lasting difference in your business.
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