To enroll your child/children in the Tepid Bath Swim Lessons please scroll down to complete the enrollment form below.

Once your enrollment has been submitted you'll receive and email confirmation including details of how to pay for the ferry tickets and the lessons.

Tepid Baths will confirm your child's swim time.

The Waiheke Pool Society will be in touch to confirm travel arrangements if you choose to travel as part a group (with 1 adult carer per 6 children including 1 adult ferry pass).
If your child is a new swimmer and not previously enrolled at the Tepid Baths he/she will need to do an assessment prior to completing this form. Assessments can be arranged every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 3.30pm and 5.00pm at the Tepid Baths. Please email Tepid Baths Learn to Swim or call 09 308 3249

If your child has missed a term or more and is returning to swimming lessons, please email Tepid Baths Learn to Swim or call 09 308 3249 to check there is space available for him/her before completing this form!

You are signing up for Term 2 2019.
Term dates: Friday 3rd May - Friday 5th July 2019.
10 weeks of lessons.
Discounted Fullers child ferry pass: $80.00 per child - payable to Fullers
Discounted lessons (10 weeks): $80.00 per child - payable to Pool Society
Pool Society Contribution: $10.00 - non compulsory contribution, payable to Pool Society
TOTAL PRICE: $170.00 per person.

Has your child enrolled in Tepid Bath Swim Lessons previously?
What level does your child swim at, if known:

Does your child normally travel in a travel group?

Please include the names of other children who your child normally travels with in a group for the swim lessons (normally a group of 6 children). Skip this question if traveling independently.


All payments for swimming lessons is required 1 week prior to swimming lessons starting for the term. Ferry travel passes must be purchased from Fullers ticket office, Matiatia at least 1 week before the first lesson of term.

FERRY PASSES You will be charged $10.00 to replace a lost ferry pass by Fullers. The ferry pass and any volunteer ferry pass may only be used on the swimming lesson days.

REFUNDS No refund will be paid if your child misses swimming lessons unless those lessons have been cancelled by the Tepid Baths.

POOL SOCIETY $10.00 CONTRIBUTION The Pool Society is a voluntary organisation raising funds towards a better community pool on Waiheke Island. The volunteers also co-ordinate the Tepid Bath Swim Lessons and work on projects to improve access to swimming for the community. You do not have to pay the $10.00 contribution but if you do the funds are used towards the projects above and your support makes all the difference to the cause.

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