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Fling It Darling!
Fling It Darling! at Goldie Estate
no mistakes drill
fling it la valla
A veritable variety of things to fling, shoot and pull that allows your team to enjoy a relaxed fun time together out on the lawn and around the grounds. But there’s more to these fun games as they are not what they might first seem. None of them are possible without clear communication and team work. The most united teams will come out on top.

Let Me Out provides the equipment and the professional facilitation to guide your team through activities in a carnival atmosphere with fun stations.

Activities include:
· The Super-sized noughts and crosses Race
· Water-balloon multi player volleyball (where teams must throw and catch the waterballs with towels without them bursting)
· No mistakes drill relay
· Katapult challenge
· More surprise fling it challenges
Essential Info
Suits people of all ages and abilities from the very young to the very old.

10-50: $59.00 per person
51 or more: please enquire
This is a totally mobile activity which can be run at any location.

We can deliver it at your location or can run it at one of our partner venues.

Travel expenses may apply dependent on agreed location.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where this activity works well:

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