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Auckland Cycling Challenge
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auckland cycling challenge
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It’s as easy as riding a bike! And with the virtually flat cycle paths that stretch for miles along the Auckland waterfront, you don’t have to be a Tour de France pro to complete this one!

A fun, outdoor cycling challenge where we provide you with the bikes, the maps, the cluess and the prizes.

All you have to do is turn up and get to the finish line before sun sets.

This ‘eco-friendly’ challenge is competitive, entertaining and great for inspiring your team to get out and about and take in this amazing waterfront. Includes cycling (of course!), mini check point challenges, general knowledge, history, social skills, a big dose of fun and a bit of kiwi DIY!

Lunch, dinner and picnic options can be included as part of the package.
Essential Info
Suitalbe for people of all ages and abilities. Only condition is that you must be able to ride a bike but we provide a refresher session before the start of the activity for those who haven't cycled in a long time.
10-30: $69.00 per person
31-50: $66.00 per person
51 or more: please enquire

Add on SUP challenge as part of the activity: $30.00 per person
The Auckland Cycling Challenge starts and ends on Commerce Street, downtown Auckland.

The route is mainly shared cycle ways. No road cycling required.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where lunch or dinner can be included as part of the activity package:

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