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Winter Gatherings
Winter is the time for reviewing the first quarter of the year for many companies, getting the company or the team together to make sure everything is on track. For others it’s a time for letting your hair down to break up the winter months, keeping everyone motivated and connected with a mid winter celebration or event.

With that in mind we offer some pre-designed packages for winter.
Croq Challenge & Conference Day
LaValla, Tuakau
From $124.00 pp
Take your company out of town for a full focus conference and activity day at Auckland’s best conference estate. Full conference catering like you’ve never tasted before; a Croquembouche Challenge to break up your day and a great feeling of accomplishment that will follow you all back to the office.

Activity: The Croquembouche Challenge Our number one most popular winter activity over 5 years. Teams have to work together against the clock to build a towering dessert. Let’s see who’s got great team work, communication skills and work well under pressure!
SUITABILITY: Suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Works well, whatever the weather.
PRICING: Full conference day and activity: $124.00 per person
LOCATION: Situated approximately 45 mins from Auckland CBD heading South on SH1
Mid Winter Christmas
Blind Taste Test at the Birdcage
From $90.00 pp
Come and celebrate the middle of winter in the warm and cosy Birdcage, one of Auckland’s oldest taverns. The atmosphere relaxed and casual, the food is hearty and delicious, the Blind Taste Test is a fun activity to let your hair down and socialise with your colleagues outside the office

Activity: We challenge your teams to Blind Taste Test craft beers, wines and chocolate truffles before answering trivia questions on what they tasted to test their culinary capabilities!
SUITABILITY: Works for groups of 10 – 70 people. Non alcoholic test available for non drinkers in the group.
PRICING: Set lunch or dinner and activity from $90.00 per person
LOCATION: Birdcage tavern is situated at Victoria Park and looks out over the park.
Zookeepers Son, Auckland
From $114.50 pp
Think you can build a robot better than a 7 year old? Well this will test how good your teams really are at reading instructions, working as a team against the clock and then racing around the track overcoming obstacles and moving objects.
A social team building session followed by yummy food and beverages.

Activity: The Robotics Challenge is a team activity where teams build and race their robots for points and prizes. There’s robot trivia too which all adds up to a fun, interactive team building experience.
SUITABILITY: Suitable for groups of all ages and abilities. Non physical team challenge.
PRICING: Feasting menus and activity from $114.50 per person
LOCATION: Located in Royal Oak, 715 Mt Albert Rd