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Degree Gastro Bar, Viaduct Harbour, AKL
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Ninety Private Room
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Degree exterior
Degree Gastro Bar is one of the most popular venues in the viaduct harbour for a relaxed, casual and fun activity and lunch or dinner package for our groups.

A range of spaces including the Ninety private room means that we can accommodate small groups of 10 or more and larger groups of up to 100.

We run a range of fun activities at Degree and there is always a great range of menu options to make your day affordable and memorable.

Alternatively your group can take part in one of our many fun outdoor activities that start and end at the Auckland waterfront before dining at Degree for lunch or dinner.
Essential Info
Suits groups between 10 and 100 pax. A variety of spaces available including the Ninety Private Room.

Style: contemporary, stylish, relaxed.
There are a vast range of menu options from platters to set meals.

Set lunch and dinner menus start from $50.00 per person.
Situated on the corner of the Viaduct Harbour and Quay Street at Auckland's waterfront.
Contact us today to find out more. We'll respond within 24 hours with ideas and an itinerary to suit your needs