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One of the oldest sports in history and great fun for people of all ages and abilities. Your professional archery instructor will provide simple technique and safety training prior to the archery rounds. You’ll get an opportunity to practice your shots and a fun round of trying to pop a balloon for extra points.

The activity includes facilitation, equipment and safety guards.

Works well as a stand-alone activity or combined with some of our other competitive garden games for larger groups.
Essential Info
Suitable for people of all ages and abilities.
up to 15 people: $775.00
Add on 2 giant games for $20.00 pp

16 people and over:$69.00 per person (includes 2 additional activities for a round robin itinerary)
Works at a range of vineyards on Waiheke Island. See venue recommendations.
Here are some of our recommended partner venues where this activity works well:

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